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June 28 2014


Navigation Tools Should Not Make Life Difficult for the Buyer

Delivery Charges Must be Highlighted At the Outset 

Limited time constraints and the ease of the buy is why people prefer shopping online today. In fact, many of the sites provide bargains that one cannot expect from retail stores nearby. An image relates the story while shopping online and the shopping cart makes the final decision for the buyer a lot easier. To get people to buy from a site, the ecommerce web design has to be out of this world of course, but it must also be easy to navigate. Hovering over menus is another convenient option for the prospective customer who need not click on anything but has a choice projected before her/him. Customers do not want the delivery charges added on to the item, this could deter their enthusiasm leaving the shopping cart empty. However, if this is a consideration, it is imperative to include this on the page itself, instead of including this in tiny print. Every customer wants a good deal and if bargains are available on certain days or hours, advertising this well in advance can increase traffic and close deals. Too much of gloss can deter the enthusiasm of the customer if there is no substance and hence search engine optimization works really well in this arena. 


Using Social Media Marketing Tools

There are myriad ways to get a new ecommerce site spoken about in the market. The first step is to use social media tools to announce the launch. If one would prefer a smaller alternative, the PPC (pay per click) option can work that attracts visitors through advertising in limited spaces. The idea is to provide a strategic approach that brings into focus what is on offer for the customer through an easy navigation menu once they visit the site. Usually it takes time for a new site to generate business, traffic can pour in out of curiosity, but if they find the products to their liking with clear-cut terms and conditions, it can be a hit within a few weeks or months. To enable likes and shares for a long-term innings, the site has to have personality. After the initial process of kick starting things in a small way, one can rake in business for years on end. All it takes is a good and clean method to get the customer to believe in the product staring her/him in the face. Given the fact that there are a number of ecommerce sites up and running, the new site must offer something new in the pitch to enable a constant stream of business.